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Some of the questions we hear most frequently while filming a wedding are about our aerial camera:  is that a drone?  how high can it fly? can it see me if I do this? *waves hands frantically into the sky*

With all the curiosity, we thought it would be helpful to share some info about our aerial camera and how aerial cinematography can help us tell the story of your wedding day.


We recently added the Phantom 3 Professional to our toolkit.  This quadrocopter continues the tradition of DJI’s Phantom series and is capable of shooting video in stunning 4K resolution and photos at a crisp 12 megapixels.

Here’s a fun video that DJI put together to showcase the new features of their new Phantom 3 series of drones.


For all the techies out there, the Phantom 3 Professional’s camera has an f/2.8 lens with a 94⁰ field of view, virtually eliminating the unwanted lens distortion common in other cameras not built to shoot from the air (ahem, we’re looking at you GoPro).  Built from 9 separate elements that reduce weight and complexity without sacrificing image quality, this lens brings the brightest, truest colors to life.

When paired with DJI’s industry-standard gimbal stabilization technology, the camera is held perfectly stable.   It captures smooth footage throughout the entire flight, and the camera and gimbal are fully controllable by the remote controller and dedicated DJI Pilot app.   The Phantom 3 is capable of flights as high as 400 feet, and the integrated Lightbridge technology enables an incredibly long range of 1.2 miles and provides a live HD video stream from the camera to the pilot on the ground.


We’re super excited to add the new Phantom 3 Professional 4K quadrocopter to our bag of toys, and even more thrilled that it helps us tell the story of your wedding day in a more epic and cinematic way!


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