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Outdoor weddings have their own magical allure. The natural beauty, fresh air, and open sky create a backdrop that’s perfect for your special day. Planning an outdoor wedding requires unique and thoughtful preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly. As a wedding photo and video company, we’ve seen firsthand what makes outdoor weddings truly stunning. Here’s […]

Summer is a time of warmth, joy, and celebration, making it the perfect season for weddings. As we dive into 2024, several exciting trends are emerging that can make your summer wedding stand out (even more than the heat wave we’ve been experiencing that last few weeks!). Whether you’re planning an intimate garden ceremony or […]

Planning a wedding in Nashville? (or anywhere for that matter!) Then you’ve likely heard the term “golden hour” tossed around by photographers. But what exactly is golden hour, and why should you, as a bride-to-be, care about it? Here’s everything you need to know about this magical time of day and how it can elevate […]

When planning your wedding, capturing every precious moment is essential. Traditional wedding videos are a timeless way to relive your special day, but have you considered taking it a step further with content creation? At With This Ring Wedding Films + Photo, we offer a unique add-on service that can elevate your wedding video experience. […]

When it comes to wedding videography, the visual aspect often takes center stage. However, the importance of sound in wedding videography cannot be overstated. Capturing high-quality audio, including vows, speeches, and ambient sounds, is crucial to creating a wedding video that truly encapsulates the essence and emotions of the big day. In this blog post, […]

If you’ve been following wedding photography drama on social media, you’ve probably heard of the “Sepia Bride” saga. Alexandra Jaye Conder, a bride who recently went viral on TikTok, opened up about her disappointment with her wedding photos due to the sepia color grading used by her photographer. Her story has sparked a widespread debate […]

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey, but with so many details to consider, it’s easy to overlook how to look and feel your best on camera. As a top wedding videography and photography business in Nashville, we know just how crucial it is for brides to exude confidence on their big day. Here’s our […]

Every couple envisions their wedding day as a reflection of their unique love story. Incorporating personal touches into your wedding not only makes it memorable for you and your guests but also ensures that your photos and videos perfectly capture the essence of your relationship. Here are some ideas to make your wedding day uniquely […]

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