Fun in the Sun: Tee + Chris’ Tulum, Mexico wedding weekend

It’s no secret that we travel all over the world filming weddings, but when Tee and Chris invited us to be a part of their destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico it took about an hour to peel me off the ceiling!  A quick Google images search revealed emerald water and white sandy beaches, ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the sea, and cenotes formed through centuries of erosion (and what I’m convinced must be a sprinkle of magic).

Quite unexpectedly, these amazing sights were the least of what we would experience in Tulum.  Four days after arriving we looked back at our footage and realized we had walked the beach, swam in the cenotes, and celebrated the joining of Tee and Chris with some of the warmest, kindest people we’ve ever encountered.  It’s not unusual to feel welcomed at a wedding – they made us feel like family.

There is much, MUCH more to come from these two as we continue our end of year edit-o-rama, but for now we hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Tee + Chris’ cinematic wedding film!

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