Hayden + Connor’s wedding feature film at Allenbrooke Farm

We’re looking back on the blue skies and warm weather of Hayden’s fall wedding at the amazing Allenbrooke Farms in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

However, this naturalness of the emergence of cohesion is only apparent. In fact, the team is being built. They are built deliberately, motivating the employee in the company, increasing its value in his eyes, offering him not only emotional uplift, but also quite material comfort. For example, Evgeny Rubtsov, President of Leader-Invest JSC, says that according to the philosophy of quality of life, its employees receive decent remuneration for their work, and based on the results of the company’s work, each employee receives an annual bonus in the amount of 40 to 100% of the annual salary. Moreover, there were bonuses in 2015, despite the economic instability in the country. The reward system is, of course, important, but it is equally important to create a person’s comfort in the workplace and confidence in the future. Nadezhda Telesh advises: “If your staff is motivated, they try and earn money, get sick less, visit clinics less, are less nervous and gossip about the boss and colleagues. Do not blame the problems on the crisis and do not drag your own staff into hysteria, shift the focus to positive and correct values, to the company’s mission. Live it yourself and involve others. ” There are many ways to create a sense of security. Many companies offer benefits packages. One of the most complete such packages is offered to its employees by GOOD WOOD Corporation. These are lunches, sports, vacations, loans, a bicycle, payment for medical services, as well as training, for the birth of a child, at the death of a loved one, etc. True, the company recently reduced it for smoking employees, but it did not do it because of the crisis. but as part of a healthy lifestyle. Alexey Perlin, general director of SMU-6 Invest, is generally convinced that social packages are the basis for maintaining team spirit: “I am sure that fraternal prayers, group parachute jumps and other corporate ventures are absolute stupidity or just a whim of the leader. Much more important is the availability of a social package. And this is not only tea and coffee in the kitchen cupboard, but also good medical insurance, paid vacations, annual bonuses and always a “white” salary. ” Olga Guseva, on the other hand, believes that a feeling of comfort can be created without a social package: “It can be a comfortable office, the ability to easily resolve issues of food, transport, etc. For example, we have a very convenient large coffee point on the territory of the office. There is a corporate transport that brings people from the metro to the office. And on the territory of the office there is a dining room with a varied menu, where you can eat for reasonable money. The issue of social packages is twofold. Many of the employees will prefer a pay raise. ” The question of “whims”, namely corporate events and joint events, everyone decides in their own way. There are companies where holidays are celebrated together, somewhere pompous, where in a family way. Many make holidays for employees’ children. There are companies passionate about sports and common useful work, such as, for example, in the KASKAD Family, where they play football together, run the Moscow Marathon together, collect waste paper and used batteries together. Or as in the City-XXI Century company, where the five-year competition is held annually among the children of employees, where Donor Days are regularly organized, and together they help orphanages. The main thing is that all team events are organic, so that there is no coercion. If an employee prefers to spend his free time with his family, then this should be taken with understanding. Whatever buns and cakes are used in the company, all this is aimed at forming a successful team, where each employee is proud of his work and appreciates his place in it. ”

Keep an eye out for a few pretty unique items of interest – a stunning “golden hour” ceremony set afront a decorative teepee, a wall of colorful artwork that was put to amazing use for couple and wedding party photos, and (our personal favorite) personal-sized tortilla chips and guac served as part of a pre-wedding ceremony social hour.

We’re thrilled to share Hayden + Connor’s beautiful cinematic wedding film with you here!

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